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How to Prevent & Get Rid of Biting Mites in Rainbow, CA; Home Remedy Attempts Don’t Work!

Mites are tiny arthropods that are related to ticks. There are 46,000 species of mites, but only a few will bite humans the Northern Fowl Mite, Tropical Rat Mite, Chicken Mite and Itch or Scabies Mite are the ones we encounter the most. For the most part, they are harmless but there are some mite species that like to eat stored grain and other pantry products. Some will get inside after we’ve spent time outside in areas where mites live. Mite bites can look like those left behind by bed bugs, but not all mites are the same. These bites turn into red welts on your upper body, usually the shoulders, neck, face and arms. The bites will look like pimples after 10-12 hours, will get very itchy and can last for 14 days. It’s very important not to scratch them! The pimplelike bites happen because the mite digs into your skin. They are very hard to see and humans can carry these mites after they have handled grass, hay, straw, leaves and seeds that have the mites.

How to Prevent & Control Mites

The best way to control mites is by using a strong vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Vacuuming, dusting, bed covers and low humidity levels will all help during the treatment process. If you discover you have a problem with mites, you need to figure out which species you’re dealing with and what the likely host may be. The tropical rat mite is one of the most common mites you will find invading your home. The tropical fowl mite and the northern fowl mite are also found within the home. Mites that bite humans can cause skin dermatitis. Pest control companies will not treat a home unless they have proof that they are present. This makes it imperative that you collect some mites before any treatment will start. You will see parasitic mites when you find them biting. You can use a small brush or tissue dipped in rubbing alcohol to collect them. You can then put them in in a waterproof container with a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol or you can also use a piece of tape to collect them. Do it yourself pest control often only works temporarily and you may feel like you were successful but the infestation will most likely return after the surviving mites start to breed again.

Mite Extermination

More than 250 million people each year become infested with mites and anyone can be affected, so it’s important to know how to deal with them. If you find yourself suffering from episodes of itchiness all over your skin, redness and inflammation you might have mites. The scary part is that you can have these mites for up to a month before you realize it! Other than getting your home spotless, you’ll need professional help. Improper identification can cause all the methods of control to be useless. The pest control needs to be customized to have success in eradicating them. Contact Source Pest Control to get a handle on biting mites.