Bed Bug FAQs in Fallbrook, CA; How Bed Bugs Get in Your House, How to Treat Bites & More

Bed bugs are becoming a concerning problem for many people in the United States. Once they were nearly eradicated following WWII, but with the modern conveniences of world traveling, bed bugs are making a comeback. For many, bed bugs are nothing more than something repeated in children’s rhymes, and few know little about them. Today, we at Source Pest Control have answered a handful of frequently asked questions to help people be more aware about bedbugs.

Answers to FAQ Regarding Bed Bugs

Q: What is a bed bug?
A: Formally, bed bugs belong to the Cimicidae family. They are tiny. As fully grown insects they are no bigger than an apple seed. Bed bugs are brown and look redder after feeding. When not engorged after a meal, they are flat and oval shaped. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that feed on warm-blooded hosts, with humans being their preferred choice. Bed bugs are quite adaptable to their surroundings and environment and can be found nearly everywhere in the world. Because they favor feeding on humans, they are more concentrated in inhabited areas.
Q: How do bed bugs get in your house?
A: Bed bugs can come from anywhere, particularly transportation and establishments open to public use. Most infestations develop through contacts with furniture in hotels, motels, and other lodging establishments that are infested. However, bed bugs can easily spread from second hand clothing or furniture. Apartment complexes and lodging establishments often have extreme bed bug infestations because as bed bugs over populate, they branch out to find available food sources.
Q: Do bed bugs feed every night?
A: As previously mentioned bed bugs prefer feeding primarily on humans and do so while you slumber. The bed bug will inject two hollow tubes into the skin of their host. The first tube injects an anti-coagulant anesthetic to keep the blood flowing and with the other tube is used to suck your blood. Bed bugs eat for approximately five minutes before they return to their safe hiding place. Bed bugs will often emerge at dusk. They might not bite every night. It depends primarily on how large the infestation has progressed.
Q: Should I be concerned if I have evidence a bedbug has bitten me?
A: When a bed bug initially bites, there is no noticeable pain or discomfort, but some might develop later on. A flat welt or a raised, red bump that is known to be annoyingly itchy will emerge. The good news is that bed bug bites are not a health risk. In some cases, the bed bug’s bite can cause skin irritation, rashes, or an allergic reaction from the substance they inject before consumption.
Q: How do I treat bed bug bites?
A: Anti-itch cream is effective in finding relief from the itch.
Q: What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?
A: If there is an abundance of bed bugs, you can generally see the signs such as; pungent and musky odors, small red blood stains on the sheets from the bite, rusty colored spots which is fecal matter, bed bug bites on your exposed body, shed bed bug skin, or the bed bugs themselves.
Q: Where do bed bugs hide?
A: Bed bugs can hide nearly anywhere in your home. Having a tiny stature and being a dull shade of brown allows them the capability of hiding in the smallest of fissures. You can start by checking your bed frame, headboard, mattress, box screens and the corners of bed nets and seams, and bedding. They will also hide in surrounding furniture, behind peeling paint, wooden floorboards, picture frames, outlet covers, and other such places. Bedvbugs tend to stay within 10-20 feet of their food source so concentrate your inspection around the best first.
Q: I found a bed bug, now what?
A: If you suspect or know that bedbugs are in your room, avoid bringing anything in or out of the infested room because bed bugs can easily be hiding in other objects. Do not to start sleeping in a different bed, sofa or with another family member or friend; bed bugs will follow which will spread out the infestation. Contact professional help.

Bed Bug Inspections & Removal

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