Bed bugs are a very common problem in Southern California and can be a year round pest. Especially during the holidays where you may have family and friends frequently visiting throughout the holidays and it all begins during the Halloween season. If you want to avoid being infested with these little vampires that like to creep in late at night and feed on blood, Source Pest Control will share how you can prevent a bed bug infestation during the holidays.

How to Bed Bugs Spread from Person to Person?

To help prevent bed bugs, start with being aware of how they often get inside your homes. Bed bugs are hitchhikers by nature and will spread from place to place by climbing on fabric items or other materials such as clothing, purses, backpack and luggage. Either you bring them home with you unknowingly when your travel short or long distances, or visitors bring them if they have been in contact with bed bugs. When bed bugs begin to invade a home the best way to prevent an outbreak of bedbugs is to keep them in check.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

One way to battle bed bugs is to have a place to put shoes and backpacks or bags where they are hung up and off the floor. This makes it more difficult for bed bug to spread throughout the home. Changing out of your clothes and into loungewear, place your soiled clothing into a sealed hamper. This will prevent them from spreading. To keep bed bugs in check this also means maintaining a clean home. Bed bugs aren’t just hiding underneath your bed like the bogeyman. They can be spread throughout your home. However they are most frequently found in beds or on furniture as these are the places where humans sit immobile for long periods of time. Therefore, they are great feeding grounds for bed bugs. That is why it is important to vacuum carpets, rugs, and even cloth furniture weekly. When you vacuum the furniture, make sure to be thorough and the get into the tight cracks where bed bugs like to hide during the day. Wash curtains and other regularly exposed linens in hot water and if possible use high heat in the drier.

Wash Bedding & Vacuum Mattress Regularly

Your next step and one of the more important steps is of course, keeping your home bed bug free. Do this by washing your bedding weekly. Again use hot water and high heat. This will kill any bed bugs, nymphs, or eggs that may be on your bedding. Vacuum the mattress thoroughly on all sides as well as the box spring. Follow up with vacuuming around the room thoroughly to remove any hiding bed bug. There are also bed bug protective products such as bed bug proof mattress covers or even protective bed frame feet that trap or prevent bed bugs from climbing into the bed. It also helps to keep bed bugs out of the bed by keeping the bed slightly away from the wall. Smooth bed frames are also great in preventing bed bugs.

Bed Bug Inspections & Removal

You can use some other additional help by having your home inspected for bed bugs, especially if you believe they are present in your home. Have bed bugs in your home treated to prevent a major population. If you need help preventing or treating bed bugs in your home or business, contact Source Pest Control today.

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