Deterring Pests Such as Cockroaches & Ants in Winchester, CA Student Dorm Rooms

The summer months are for school age kids to enjoy and get a break from the everyday life of homework and schoolwork. It is also the time of year that families travel most often and enjoy time together. There are several reasons. One is that the kids are out of school and it is easier than taking them out. The other reason is the weather is great to enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities. Although most students are ready to blow off steam there is a group that is hustling to get everything ready for the fall. These are the kids that have recently graduated and are heading off to college. There is a lot that goes into sending a kid off to college and the parents are often involved and trying to do what they can to teach them what they need to know. Even if you have given them opportunities to learn and grow, this is many times the first time a child is off on their own. One area that you may overlook but should be talked about is keeping pests out of the dorm. There are some pests that can pose a threat to the dorm and the patrons therein. It is important to let them know what they can do to lessen their chances of running into a pest infestation.

Source Pest Control Offers Tips for College Students to Keep Pests Out of Dorm Rooms

Keep Up With Laundry: It is like a rite of passage for a new college student to take their dirty clothes to the laundry room and sit around while they wash their clothes. The problem is that most new students have had a laundry maid their whole life and this is not a chore that tops the list. Parents do the laundry at home so the student might overlook it until they open the closet to find there is nothing to wear. In the movies kids load the car and come home for a visit with all their laundry for the mom to take care of. This is a terrible practice and could be the exact reason that pests are making their home in your child’s dorm. Be sure to talk about laundry with your child and set a schedule to have them do laundry on a regular basis. Earwigs, cockroaches and other pests love to hang out in your damp dirty laundry.
Clean Up Dorm Room Snack Crumbs: It seems like study and snacking go hand in hand. The late night cramming for a test or exam means the student needs a way to stay awake. The problem is that a dorm is small and there isn’t a good spot to really sit and snack so there is sure to be crumbs all over. These crumbs are a perfect meal for ants or other pests to chow down on. They might even invite their friends over for a party and next thing you know your room is the place to be and you are stuck with a pest infestation. If the student is eating in their room they need to clean up right after and never leave the crumbs overnight.

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