Commercial Roach, Mice & Pest Control Management for Business Offices, Restaurants & Other Companies

Keeping insects, rodents and other pests away from your work area is just as important as keeping them away from your home. Commercial pest control is essential to running a successful place of business. Places like restaurants, warehouses and office buildings are extremely attractive to insects, rodents and other pests. Commercial buildings provide excellent environments for these pests to hide and thrive in. Businesses that fail to hire a pest control service for regular maintenance visits often experience infestations of mice, rats, cockroaches and other annoying pests. Not only does this prevent an efficient work environment, but it also gives your company a poor reputation.

Mice, Rat & Rodent Control for Businesses

Some of the most common rodents that invade a commercial building are mice. Just like other rodents, mice are in constant search of water, food and shelter. These essentials can all be found in a commercial building. Warehouses provide excellent areas for mice to hide, and keep warm from the outside elements. Once mice have a comfortable nest, and a reliable source of food, they will begin to multiply and thrive. Mice can do a great deal of damage to your place of business by chewing through drywall and even electrical wiring, which can cost a great deal in repairs. Not only do they damage the structure of your building, but they can also spread dangerous bacteria through their dander and fecal matter.

Commercial Roach Control

Cockroaches are another common pest that lingers around places of businesses. No employee wants a cockroach to crawl across the toe of their shoe or underneath their desk. Cockroaches can thrive in an office environment that is not taken care of properly. The most common area of an office that cockroaches are discovered is the employee break room. When food is left out in the sink, on the floor or on a table, cockroaches are immediately attracted to the food. Keeping cockroaches away from your office requires a clean eating area and everyone cleaning up after them.

Professional Commercial & Residential Pest Control in Temecula, Murrieta, Hemet, Riverside & Surrounding Areas of California

The best way to keep your place of business pest and rodent free is to hire the services of a professional pest control company. Contact Source Pest Control today for regularly scheduled visits from one of our experienced pest technician. Regular pest and rodent maintenance will prevent the chance of any type of infestation and also help your company keep a positive reputation. No one wants to be associated with having a roach or rat problem in their building. Contact Source Pest Control today to keep pests out of your office and your employees working efficiently without having to worry about a roach crawling across the floor.

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