Are Camel, House & Field Crickets Harmful to Gardens in Riverside, CA? What Diseases Do They Carry?

Whether or not crickets are harmful will all depend on what you consider harmful. There are three types of crickets commonly found in the United States.
Camel crickets. They get their name from their humpbacked appearance that is similar to a camel with very enlarged hind legs. These crickets don’t possess sound producing organs, which means they don’t chirp but they can be unnerving when they leap in the air to scare off predators. They are 1/2’-1 ½” in size and are light to dark brown and often mottled with dark bands on some segments. They are active at night.
House crickets. These crickets can survive indefinitely inside your home. They are known for loud chirping that is caused by rubbing their front wings together to attract females. They are yellowish brown in color with 3 dark cross bands on their head and measure 3/4-7/8”. They are also active at night.
Field crickets. These crickets are black and brown in color and measure ½” – 1 inch/ Their hind wings are large and brightly pigmented. They will make their way into your home when environmental conditions become unfavorable, but unlike house crickets will have a hard time surviving in your home.

Are Crickets Harmful?

All three have a mouth which means they can bite but it’s rare for them to do so. They would rather hop away then have anything to do with you. So even when you think they’re surrounding you to attack, they aren’t. They don’t want to gnaw on you and even if they did try, it is very rare for a cricket’s mouthparts to puncture the skin. Crickets also carry a significant number of diseases which can be spread via physical contact or their feces. While some find the song of crickets to be peaceful and relaxing, charming and beautiful, after three or four days of the cricket song echoing throughout their house can lead some to madness! What if you start thinking that its coming from inside the walls? You may feel like grabbing a sledgehammer because they won’t stop! They will go on for days and days, burrowing their way into your psyche and drive you nuts. In this way, they can be harmful; at least to your mental health. You might need professional help after a week of the constant chirping within your home because a few days of sleep deprivation can make anyone a little cranky.

Cricket Infestation Prevention

Thankfully there are ways to keep crickets outside of your house. Crickets will come closer to your home when they are looking for food like seed pods and plants. Field crickets are the species that will cause damage to your garden and can be just as bad as locusts. If you have vegetation close to your home then it’s an invitation for them to come closer. If you have good screens on the doors and windows of your home then you’ve made the first step to keeping them out. Make sure all door sweeps are in good working order. Most crickets will take advantage of open doors to hop right on in so don’t keep then open any longer than they need to be. Reduce areas of moisture to deter them and remove piles of leaves, firewood and other items close to the structure. Outdoor lighting attracts crickets so try using yellow “bug light” bulbs to make your home less attractive.

Cricket Infestation Pest Control

If you want to keep the vegetation around your home safe from crickets and keep them out of your house you can call in the professionals to assess and treat the problem. This will prevent you from losing days of sleep because they won’t get trapped inside your home. Give Source Pest Control a call today.

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