Why Do I Have Crickets in My Corona, CA House & How Do I Get Rid of Cricket Pests?

Crickets are one of the first indicators that darkness is approaching with their notorious chirping. They are often mimicked in sound machines because some people truly love the soothing song they sing. Others hate it. When these occasional pests make their home in your home, it can be a disaster. They do much more than chirp. Source Pest Control is here to talk about the problems crickets bring when they infest your home, and would like to share some tips to help you avoid any future infestations.

House & Field Cricket Identification

Crickets are considered an occasional pest invader because they thrive outside rather than in. However, when the temperatures plummet, they will seek refuge in your home like other pests. There are several cricket species out there, but house crickets and field crickets are the most common.
House Crickets– House crickets are usually about ¾ inch long. Their color ranges between yellow and brown with three distinct dark brown bands on their heads.
Field Crickets– Field crickets are shorter than house crickets and are about ½ inch long. They are much darker in color as well. They range between dark brown to black.

Cricket Property Damage

Crickets are no more than a nuisance when they are found outside. When they make it into your home, they become a big problem. For the most part, crickets eat plants. When they make it into your home, they no longer just eat plants. Crickets start eating things like fabric and other materials like rubber and paper.

How to Keep Crickets Out of Your House

If crickets aren’t able to gain access into your home, you don’t have to worry about an infestation. Here are some tips to keep them from getting into your home this fall.
• Caulk and seal around any cracks or small openings they could get in. This would include the openings commonly found around doors and windows.
• Keep the area around the foundation of your home trimmed. Long weeds and grass as well as mulch provide perfect conditions for crickets.
• Store your firewood far from your home. Many pests, including crickets, make their home there.
• Bright lights attract crickets; so plan to use dim lighting around the perimeter of your home. Sodium-vapor lighting is the ideal light for your porches.
• Keep your home neat and tidy. Where there is clutter, there is a higher likelihood that pests, including crickets, will hide out there if they gain access into your home.

Occasional Pest Invader Cricket Control

Nobody wants a cricket infestation in your home. Finding a bunch of holes in your clothing because crickets needed a midnight snack is less than ideal. If you find that you have crickets you can’t seem to get rid of in your home, the professional pest experts at Source Pest Control can help. We have the experience and supplies needed to successfully get rid of this invasive pest from your home. Don’t let yourself be caught lying awake, listening to chirping in your bedroom. Call us today for more information about our cricket and other pest control services.

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