Do You Need Stinging Insect Control, Bee Hive or Wasp, Yellow Jacket & Hornet Nest Removals in Murrieta CA?

Beware of Stinging Insects this Summer in California is like nowhere else, many visitors come here during the summer seeking ocean waves, busy beaches and thrilling theme park rides. A California summer is nothing short of amazing; our state offers a variety of fun activities to choose from. While most of us spend the majority of our time outdoors during the summer time, it is important to remember that California is also home to a handful of stinging insects that can spoil your summer fun. California is home to the honey bee, the wasp, the yellow jacket and hornets.

A Honey Bee Hive on Your Home is Bad News

Source Pest Control technicians are answering more and more calls to homeowners who have a honey bee hive built right onto their home or very close to it, somewhere on their property. In some cases honey bees have built their hives in nearby hollowed out trees, rock crevices or even inside of walls. While honey bees are beneficial in pollinating fruit, nuts, grains and vegetables; they can be dangerous if they build their hives too close to your home, loved ones and pets. Honey bees in California are not normally aggressive unless they feel threatened. Then they go into defensive mode and sting anyone that they feel is a threat to the hive. Honey bees are only able to sting one time, and leave their barbed stinger behind in the victim. If you suspect that a hive is on or near your home contact Source Pest Control immediately for professional hive removal.

Beware of Yellow Jackets & Their Aggressive Behavior

Yellow jackets are a dangerous stinging insect because they are extremely aggressive and sting with very little or no provocation at all. This happens often when yellow jackets are around food especially. Yellow jackets are able to sting more than one time, unlike the honey bee, and usually do not lose their stinger. Yellow jackets normally make their nests underground, however yellow jacket nests in California have also been located in areas like walls, crevices and hollow logs. Yellow jackets are extremely attracted to food and can be found buzzing around open trash cans or dumpsters. Homeowners have come across the presence of yellow jackets while doing yard or garden work as well. Beware of this aggressive stinging insect, and if you notice their presence near your home, contact Source Pest Control immediately.

Bee, Wasp, Yellow Jacket & Hornet Stinging Insect Pest Inspections, Control, Hive & Nest Removal in Temecula, Murrieta, Riverside & North San Diego

Source Pest Control will Protect you and your family from stinging insects in California. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in dealing with all stinging insects that are found in California. Whether you are dealing with honey bees, hornets, scorpions, yellow jackets, wasps or fire ants, contact Source Pest Control today to keep your home and property free from the dangers of California stinging insects.

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