Biological Pest Control; Good Insects like Ladybugs & Aphid Midge Predators for your Garden

More and more backyard gardeners are turning to biological pest control to protect their gardens form aphids, cutworms, mealy bugs and other harmful pests that are preying on their vegetables and flowers. While sometimes not all pesticides work to remove these destructive pests, there are some helpful insects that will feast on the harmful ones and safely remove them from your garden without having to spray pesticides onto your plants. There are some good insects that will fight and assist in controlling pest outbreaks.

Good Insects for your Flower & Vegetable Gardens

Having an effective non toxic approach to keeping pests out of your garden is a great tool to have under your belt, and with the proper knowledge, you could avoid using pesticides all together in your garden area. There are a great number of insects that are beginning to show signs of resistance to pesticides that have previously been able to wipe them out. This gives gardeners even more reason to find the good insects and use them against the ones that are destroying their flowers and vegetables. What good is spraying your garden with a pesticide if it is not killing the harmful insects that are devouring your garden?

Ladybug Friendly Habitat

One of the more popular and helpful insects to gardeners is the ladybug. As an adult, the ladybug does not do much help for a garden; it is actually when lady bugs are in their younger larvae state that they devour soft bodied insects that are harmful to your garden. Lady bugs are available to order through the mail, making them an easier option for a safer garden. It is important that you do your research as the lady bugs must be released properly into your garden in a specific way. Otherwise the whole deal will have been pointless and they will fly away; leaving your garden behind to be eaten alive by aphids.

Predaceous Aphid Midge

Another effective insect that will assist in protecting your garden from the ever harmful aphid is the Aphid Midge. The larvae of the Aphid Midge, which is a long legged fly, will feed on more than sixty species of aphids by paralyzing their prey with toxic saliva. Pollen plants will attract Aphid Midges to your garden. If you are experiencing difficulties in getting rid of harmful insects that are eating away at your garden, contact Source Pest Control today. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your garden and provide you with the best and most effective methods in pest control today.

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