Invasive Southeast Asian Beetle Pest

In Riverside County and surrounding areas, there is a pest that has taken a large toll on the trees in the area and is unfortunately spreading! Experts have checked on at least 19 sites throughout nearby Orange County and have found a specific kind of beetle that is killing off many trees. Source Pest Control has put together information about these invasive pests and the damage they are doing.

Southeast Asian Beetle Fungus

A beetle known as the Southeast Asian Beetle has shown up in the area over the last few years and brought with them a terrible fungus. The experts have done some research on these nasty little bugs and have said that they can become very devastating if they are left unchecked. The infestation is quite large and has already affected many trees.

Southeast Asian Beetle Inspection & Monitoring

The Southeast Asian Beetle is a very aggressive beetle but you wouldn’t know it from their size. The beetle is only .1 of an inch and has no natural enemy to help combat the infestation and keep it under control. They were believed to be introduced to the United States when plants and crates were brought over from Asia with the beetles in tow. Experts have looked again into all 19 areas they inspected last year and have come to the realization that the infestation has grown astronomically. The beetles are taking a toll on thousands of sycamores, avocados, live oaks, box elders and dozens of other tree species. The beetles burrow into the trees and eat away at the nutrients. Southeast Asian Beetles also carry a fungus that they leave behind for the larvae that hatch in the tree to feed on. The invasive fungus is extremely dangerous for the trees.

Southeast Asian Beetle Control

The pesticides that have been used so far have not had any effect on the infestation although some pesticides used in field tests do show some promise. Southeast Asian Beetles have no natural enemy, can fly up to several miles and are difficult to detect because of their small size and burrowing habits. It has therefore been determined that the best way to combat the infestation at present is to remove the worst infested trees. The hope is that this will eventually help the infestation to get under control.

Although tree removal is an option that will help treat the infestation, it will not cure it. Our trees in Riverside County and surrounding areas are loved and needed. A pesticide that works could prove to be a much better option as it could be used to save the trees while still killing off the infestation. Source Pest Control is glad to hear that local universities, park departments as well as other science and business groups are trying to develop an effective pesticide to save our trees.

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