Bee Colony Collapse: Declining Bee Population

The sight of a bee can cause immediate panic to some, especially if you are prone to a severe allergic reaction after a sting. Bees can be a nuisance when they get too close for comfort and decide to set up shop close to your home or somewhere on your property. Removing a bee hive is extremely dangerous and should always be done by a professional. Although bees can make us feel uncomfortable, they are a great asset to our environment by pollinating plants and contributing to the ecosystem. In recent years the bee population has fallen significantly which has cause for concern.

Drop in Bee Populations

Bee keepers noticed a significant drop in bee populations last year, with a total of more than forty percent of their bee colonies in decline. A slight decrease in bee populations during the winter months has been a regular occurrence and expected. However in the summer time, for bees to have a smaller number present is quite surprising. For the first time in years, summer losses outnumbered winter losses and this has caused a large amount of concern for the future population of bees.

Cause of Dwindling Bee Colonies

It is important to find out what exactly is causing the bee population to drop so significantly and what can be done about it. Colony losses cause profit loss for commercial bee keepers and can also lead to a shortage in other crops due to the lack of pollination occurring. Crops like almonds depend entirely on the pollination of bees and so the domino effect begins with the absence of bees; effecting crops, farming profits, availability of product and the price of goods.

Honey Bee and Wild Bee Pollinators

Honey bees and wild bees are some of the most depended on pollinators we have. Of one hundred crop species that provide ninety percent of our global food supply, seventy-one of those are pollinated by bees. Without bees our food supply would suffer more than we would be able to handle. If bees do not have the proper food to eat, then we will not have the proper food to eat. Bees require healthy food and the recent decrease in bee populations is sending us a message that we need to change our current agricultural and urban environments. Planting flowers and other plants in your garden that bees find attractive are a way to help stabilize the current bee population. If bees are posing a threat to you or your loved ones and you are in need of proper bee control near your home or on your property, contact Source Pest Control.

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