Argentine Ants in Southern California

Argentina is not the only country where the Argentine Ant resides. This ant is native to Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil as well and has invaded our communities of Southern California.

What does an Argentine Ant look like?

The Argentine Ant is often darker in color and can have a brownish-reddish hue.

Argentine Ant Infestations

Argentine Ant Infestations can become severe due to their behavior of creating and building Mega Colonies or Super Colonies. Some Argentine ant infestations have grown in size to include millions of ant colony members and are even connected over thousands of square miles! One of these Super Colonies is partially located right in our community and stretches along the California Coast.

These ants are commonly found among homes and businesses throughout Southern California (Temecula, North San Diego, Riverside, Orange County and more). They are considered to be a general household ant pest. They make their way into homes through cracks in foundations, wall voids and even by walking through open doors and windows. They are usually on the move in search of moisture and food so it is best to keep a kitchen and home as clean as possible to dissuade them from infesting the area.

If you suspect you may be dealing with an Argentine ant infestation, call the Argentine ant exterminator experts at Source Pest Control!

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