Pest Control Services

Source Pest Control offers professional residential pest management for all homes, townhomes, apartments and condos in and around Temecula and Murrieta and Perris, California. We offer specialized packages that can be customized to fit all of your varying pest control needs. Are you tired of seeing bugs and insects scurrying across your floors and counters? Do you see mice or rat excrement in the back of your kitchen drawers and wonder if you need rodent control? Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can help. Call today to set up a FREE estimate!

We can help eliminate all sorts of unwanted pests that can be a nuisance to you and your family such as:


Spiders are an arachnid that can cause fear in many people. Some spiders do have venom and can cause serious injury especially for young children. Spiders also multiple in large groups. A female spider can lay hundreds of eggs that can hatch and soon become unwanted members of your home.


Ants are a pest that can come suddenly in the night or the day and quickly take over the kitchen or bathroom of any home. They are usually searching for food and can find that easily in most kitchens; like a jar of open honey, dirty dishes and un-swept floors. Ants can be difficult to control because they usually live in large colonies and where there are a few worker ants, there are sure to be many more behind.

Silverfish and Earwigs

These occasional pest invaders are little critters that usually show up around the home and in bathrooms. They are mostly looking for moisture which is found under foliage and dead leaves around the home. But you can also find them when there is damp laundry towels or under bathroom mats.


A cockroach is a nasty little critter that can be found in any room throughout a home. They are usually foraging for food and water, just like most pests, but they have many other factors that make them dangerous to have in your home. They have been known to cause many dangerous health concerns. They shed, and the contamination that comes off has been known to cause individuals with asthma additional breathing difficulties and respiratory ailments. They also have been known to carry other types of harmful bacteria causing diseases.


It can definitely be unsettling to witness a rodent scurrying around the house! Despite their larger size, rats and mice can get into a home almost as easily as any other pest. A mouse can fit through a hole the size of a pea. This means that they can make their way into many cracks and crevices and set up shop. They can hide very easily and make a nest in your walls in no time at all. They will scurry around for food and water when the lights go out which means that they are usually not seen as easily as a procession of marching ants.

Bees and Wasps

These are usually pests that cause problems outdoors. They fly around outside looking for flowers that have nectar. They are also looking for water, so pools and gardens are a great way to attract them to your yard. Bees and wasps can be dangerous when they feel threatened. This means that children playing ball or starting a lawn mower can upset them enough that they may sting. These stings can cause trouble for someone that may have an allergy.

Bed Bugs

Probably the most embarrassing pest infestation to admit to, but don’t be ashamed; bed bugs can find their way into any home or business via clothing, luggage and furniture etc. Source Pest Control offers thorough bed bug inspections. We know exactly the right places to inspect to find where bed bugs are hiding during the day. If we detect bed bugs in your property, we will begin effective treatment right away to rid your living and sleeping places of these blood sucking insects.

Personalized Home Pest Control Solutions

No matter what pest is bothering your home, know that Source Pest Control offers individual service plans as every home is different in its layout and every family unit is different in their numbers as well as their habits and lifestyle. We will create a unique program of the most suitable products and techniques to most efficiently and effectively prevent and control your Temecula pest problems. If you are currently battling a pest infestation and need home pest protection, call Source Pest Control today.