Pest Control

Serving Temecula, Murrieta, Fallbrook, Riverside, Lake Elsinore & Surrounding Areas

Control the bug and rodent population around your home before it controls you. Source Pest Control in Temecula, California, offers bimonthly and quarterly pest maintenance plans including warranties.

Initial Pest Service

Our initial cleanout service is designed to stir pests from their hiding places within your walls and attic. This service, performed inside and out, will kill 60% to 75% of insects living in or around your home. As we literally clean the pests from your home, it is common for the flushing action of the products to cause increased activity.

Regular Pest Maintenance

One month after your initial service, we start our regular pest maintenance services to break the breeding cycle of the pests. The eggs that exist in the walls and underneath the foundation are going to hatch and need to be exposed to the product. We do not want to chase bugs all year round.

During every full exterior service, we dust the foundation to flush out the nesting sites of rodents and mice, granulate the yard, sweep eaves for spiders and cobwebs, and sweep common entry points. We have bi-monthly and quarterly pest control maintenance plans.

Warranty Work

Everything we do at Source Pest Control is guaranteed. If you have a problem in between your pest maintenance visits, call us and we will retreat for no extra charge. You have our word!