Pest Control Services in Riverside, California

Riverside has a semi-arid climate that is hot in the summer and the temperature rarely falls below freezing in the winter. Rainfall is minimal and snow is rare. Because of these hot conditions, Riverside provides cockroaches with an ideal habitat. The German cockroach is the most troublesome domestic species and can produce 35,000 offspring in a year, making them difficult to control. Other pest control problems in Riverside include bed bugs, black widows, crickets, silverfish, termites, and six species of ants.

Cockroach Control

German cockroaches are numerous and can spread disease. The dry weather in Riverside drives cockroaches into homes in search of moist places. Cockroaches are difficult to eliminate and often require professional help.

Ants in Riverside

Argentine Ant infestations can cause a lot of property damage in Riverside. Large ant infestations should be handled by a professional pest control company. Source Pest Control offers an effective and safe ant control program that will stop the ants at their source!

Riverside is located in the Inland Empire Area, which is known for its industry and agriculture. There are many pests in the area due to the high population in urban areas and due to the large agricultural and rural parts of the county. Agriculture also attracts bees and other pollinating insects that can invade yards and homes. The Source Pest Control team can safely remove bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets and other stinging insects from your property. Call us today!

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