Preventing Diseases Caused By Pests Such as Hantavirus Via Mice in Menifee, CA

Pests are just nasty and of course most of us want nothing to do with them. The problem is that the pests didn’t get the memo and continue to invade and infest homes every day. The pests that get in your home and on your property are usually in search of shelter or food and when they find it they will stay unless you take some defensive action such as professional pest control. Have you ever wondered why people don’t like pests? It is not just because they are gross or they seem to come out of nowhere but it could also be the fear of the disease that many of them carry. There are many types of pests that carry and can transmit a disease or illness to a person with a single sting or bite. This is a reason to have concern and you should do what you can to avoid this situation if at all possible.

Source Pest Control Lists Diseases Pests Carry & How You Can Avoid Them This Summer

Hantavirus: If you have ever seen a mouse running through your house or yard then this one should concern you. Although the actual mouse is not the issue here it is what they leave behind that is concerning. A field mouse which is extremely common in California and other parts of the United States carry a disease that has infected people every year called Hantavirus. The illness can affect anyone at any age and have been fatal in some cases. The virus is actually found in the urine and feces of the mouse that they tend to leave all around the area that they live in large quantities. If you come in contact with the droppings you are susceptible to the disease. The particles become airborne and when you breathe them in you are infected with the disease. This can happen when you go to sweep up the droppings. The small pieces can fly into the air and get in your body of those that are nearby. You can prevent this from occurring by keeping mice away with pest control services. You can also keep holes and food sealed up so they don’t have easy access. If you come across mouse dropping it is best to air the area out and use a mask when cleaning the feces and urine up.
Lyme Disease: Ticks are the biggest problem in the early parts of the summer when they are out in full force but they stick around through the fall as well. Ticks are a problem in the fact that they carry a disease that is called Lyme Disease. Out of all the ticks that are found in the area about 25% of them actually carry the disease. That means the odds are not too bad that the one you find attached to your leg could be a carrier. These pests tend to be a problem in the bushes that line the beautiful outdoors. The best way to avoid them is to use paths that are most traveled and disturbed. They are less likely to be hanging around an area that is being tromped through too often. Also do a once over when you get home from outdoor activity to ensure that you don’t have a tick latched on. It you do it is best to remove the tick right away in a proper manner.

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