Remedies to get rid of common house mice in home gardens, CA; professional rodents removal

We have run across people who have a sensitive spot for animals, including those living things considered pests. Though they do not wish them harm, they do not want their destructive ways or potential health risks to be in their home. Mice are found all over the country, often intruding homes in search of safety, food and water sources, as well as favorable weather conditions. Mice are just as desperate to escape the heat or cold as we are. Today we at Source Pest Control would like to share some information regarding mice that infiltrate homes and business and offer some tips to capture the mice without causing death or injury.

Common House Mice Identification

The house mouse is the most common mouse found in Greater Temecula, CA homes and businesses. They weigh up to ¾ ounces and their body length can reach up to just over 3” long, with tail adding an additional 3-4 inches. Their ears are prominent and large and their coloring is gray with lighter gray on its belly. They will consume nearly anything a human does, favoring meats, grains, seeds, veggies, fruit and cereals. House mice generally eat up to 1/10 of an ounce in food a day and drink approximately 1/20th of an ounce in water. The adults live up to 18 months and females produce around 8 litters a year with an average of 6 younglings per litter. Typically house mice construct their nests in any area of a building, but prefer to be as close to their food source as possible; they stay within a 50 foot radius of their nest. They are more active at night, nibbling throughout the day as opposed to eating large meals and are actually curious little critters.

Damages & Diseases from House Mouse Rodents

Though some may find these wild mice adorable to an extent, the destruction they can do on property foraging for food and collecting materials for nests is costly. Not to mention the germs, bacteria, and diseases they spread in urine, droppings, or making contact with surfaces they have traversed. Keeping these rodents out of your home is optimal to avoid health risks and damage.

Rodent Removal

For professional assistance, contact Source Pest Control and let our experts take care of any rodent infestations you are enduring to keep your home safe from damage and you and your family safe from potential health risks.

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