How to Prevent Wind AKA Sun Spider Bites in El Cerrito, CA; Identification, Location & More

Sun spiders are also called wind spiders. They are typically found in warmer or hotter climates and as such, they are commonly found from southern California and all the way to Arizona. When people first look at a sun spider they are unsure if it is a scorpion or a spider because they share characteristics of both a scorpion and a spider. However, they are neither. The sun spider is part of the family of sollifugae, which makes the sun spider actually part of the Arachnida. You may have seen one crawling around your home or even a host of them. Source Pest Control will help identify sun spiders and share some of their habits. We’ll also talk about control and preventive tips to keep these large scary bugs out of your home.

Sun Spider Identification

Sun spiders can grow up to three inches long. They have the body of a scorpion but the leg shape and hair of spiders. They have a pair of long front legs that make some people think it is a set of scorpion pincers. However with closer inspection, if you dare, you will notice that they are in fact, long thick legs. Sun spiders are light tan or dark brown in color and have a very large set of jaws. Other than there painful bites and intimidating size, they are rather harmless to people. They use their large jaws for hunting other insects or anything small enough for sun spiders to feed on.

Sun Spider Habitats & Locations

Sun spiders are found in most every desert in the world however they extremely dislike sunlight. They will come out of hiding only at night to hunt for food and will retreat into rocks, crevices or even buildings to hide out during the daylight hours. They will dig burrows into loose soil to better help them escape the heat. Females will also dig the burrows to lay their egg.

What Attracts Sun Spiders?

To a point, the sun spider is a beneficial creature to have living around your home. They will often feed on other pests such as cockroaches and other regular invading insects. If you see a large population of sun spiders it means you’re being overrun by other pests which are providing the sun spider with a great food source. However, unless you’re overrun by another pest, it is rare to see sun spiders inside your home. They will enter your home for two major reasons there is a food source or they are seeking shelter from the day light.

Sun Spider Prevention

To prevent sun spiders you must first maintain a pest free environment. You can do this by keeping your yard and the perimeter of your home clean and free of debris. Make sure that pests as well as sun spiders can’t enter your home. Look for weak points such as window screens, doorways and cracks. Seal cracks with caulk and repair or replace window screens. Make sure that all of the door’s weather stripping is in good condition.

Spider Control

When you see a sun spider, do not panic. They will not hurt you unless you provoke them. If you need help removing sun spiders or in creating a custom pest control program to keep pests out of your home, contact Source Pest Control. We can help make your home safe and pest free.

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