Dangerous Pests in Lake Elsinore, CA; Black Widow Spiders, Deer Mice & Bark Scorpions

California is no stranger to various pests that include arachnids, insects, and wildlife. Most pests can be categorized as harmful to your health, destructive to homes or buildings, or simply grotesque as well as a combination of the three. Where volumes of books can be written about the individual pests that are found in the area, today we at Source Pest Control would like to talk about the three most common pests that pose a form of danger and are also more likely to be in your home.

Spider Bites, Mouse Diseases & Scorpion Stings

1) Black Widow Spider. The black widow spider is notoriously known across the country and hardly needs an introduction. Males are not venomous, but the females being the venomous of the sexes is marked with a vivid red hourglass shaped marking and have an inky-black colored body. Her bright red marking is a warning for predators and anyone that might cross paths with her. Despite her reputation, black widows are actually very shy and prefer not to fight. But she will bite if she has no other means of escape or is startled by an intruder. Garages and closets are a likely place for black widows as they prefer to build their webs in dark, secluded areas. To avoid bites, be aware of what you hands and feet might be disrupting. Their venom contains neurotoxins which attack the nervous system. Following a bite, pain is typically experienced along with blood pressure jumping high, muscle cramping, and difficulty breathing. If you suspect or confirm you were bitten by a black widow you should seek medical attention. Though rarely fatal, medical assistance can ease the symptoms until the poison dissipates.
2) Deer Mice. Though these little critters are not fearsome, besides the initial yelp that might be induced if they jump out from their hiding place at just the right time, they do have the element of surprise and can be far more dangerous than you realize. Mice are not a typical danger, particularly in the wild where they are prey to other pests. But they can cause harm to people by the parasites, pathogens, viruses, and bacteria as these mice can spread transmittable ailments from urine, feces, bites, mites and fleas. Spread by deer mice, Hantavirus is one of the most dangerous illnesses where in fact 38% of people that are infected with Hantavirus are fatal. Derived of airborne particles that are present in mouse urine and fecal matter, this particular disease that is breathed in sends these particles right to your lungs which causes them to fill fluid. When cleaning in areas where you know mice have been, avoid sweeping and reach for the vacuum instead and wear a face mask.
3) Bark Scorpion. Bark scorpions are not only dangerous with their venomous stings, but their appearance is definitely enough to send shivers down your spine. In full aggressive mode they will pose in an intimidating stance; spreading its claws and readies its venomous tail. All the space they need to slip into your home is a mere 1/16”. In the United States, bark scorpions top the list in being the most venomous of scorpions. The feeling of being electrocuted continuously is often described by people have been victimized by their sting. The point of which you were stung centers the intense pain followed by numbness, tingling sensations, and a queasy stomach are typical reactions to the venom. Some may even lose mobility, depending on the person, for a few hours and though it is painful, most people recover within a few days of the bark scorpions’ sting.

Pest Management

If you discover this dangerous pest, or any other pest for that matter, don’t hesitate to call Source Pest Control and let our specialists do the rest.

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