Identification of Common Spider Species in Temecula California; Venomous Black Widows, Tarantulas & Wolf Spider Bites

One of the biggest fears that people share is that of the fear of spiders. Spiders have the ability to come into our homes just as easily as other insects like ants, cockroaches and flies. However, spiders are generally more feared than the other insects mentioned and have specific traits that can send chills up your spine. California provides an excellent environment for spiders to thrive in and this results in many homeowners encountering a spider crawling up their wall or across their floor.

How to Get Rid of Tarantulas

Tarantula spiders are probably one of the most intimidating spiders around with their large size and hairy legs. Temecula is home to nearly 20 different species of tarantulas and if you have a pool in your backyard, you have mostly likely already had a close encounter with a tarantula. Tarantulas are often found inside of pool filters as they provide a great hiding place during the day time. Female tarantulas are often found living in burrows and are occasionally dug up in backyard gardens. The male tarantula can be seen more frequently during the fall, wandering around searching for a female to mate with. In regards to whether tarantulas are dangerous, when threatened they have two lines of defense. They can use their fangs to bite or use their barbed and mildly venomous abdominal hairs to cause soft tissue or eye irritation.

Black Widow Spider Control

The black widow spider can be found dwelling in Temecula California. Most homeowners discover this spider in a dark corner or a place in the garage that is hardly ever disturbed. The black widow spider is a dangerous spider because it is one of the few spider species living in whose bite requires medical attention. In rare cases the bite of a black widow has been fatal, so it is necessary to seek medical attention if you are bitten. Black widow spiders bite when they feel threatened or disturbed. They are easily identified by their red hour glass shape that sits on their underbelly. Female black widow spiders grow to be much larger than the males and are poisonous.

How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders

California is also home to the wolf spider, which is another spider that has an intimidating appearance. Some people say that the wolf spider even resemble a “mini” tarantula, it is hairy and has thicker legs than other spiders. The wolf spider rarely spins a web; it is a ground hunter, meaning that it chases down its prey on foot. The wolf spider can crawl very quickly to catch its prey. Wolf spiders are not poisonous, but they have been known to have a viciously painful bite.

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