Black Widow Spider Bite on Dog in San Marcos, CA; How Long for Symptoms to Stop?

There are lots of reasons you want to keep pests out of your house and off your property. One is the simple fact that they are rather off putting and when they come out of nowhere it can be startling. Some pests can also can spread bacteria, germs, viruses and disease. Ticks are known to carry Lyme disease, mosquitoes carry Zika Virus and rodents such as mice and rats can pass along a plethora of bacteria and disease as well. Other pests are known for their destructive behavior where they use items in your home such as insulation to create a nest and they also eat through your food packaging contaminating the food inside. These are some of the reasons that pests are called pests and why you don’t want them around your house. Another problem that is usually reserved for spiders and more commonly, black widows is the fact that they carry a venomous bite! They have a set of fangs that can break the skin and inject their venom causing you to seek medical help. Often people do not realize that a spider bite can affect their pet as well.

Source Pest Control Explains What Happens if a Dog Gets Bit By a Black Widow Spider

Signs of a Spider Bite on a Dog: If you have a pet that has been bitten by a spider there will be some signs that can help you know what to look for. The signs are still common to some other issues that your pet may have and it is always the safest bet to take them to the vet for evaluation. The toxin that is injected into the pet by a black widow spider is a neurotoxin that will cause them to have some trouble with their muscles. Fairly quickly following the bite the pet can show signs that they are not able to walk with coordination. They will have muscle spasms and or tremors that you can see when they are lying still. They also can start to vomit or have diarrhea and their stomach will often be rigid and stiff from the toxin that is attacking their system. If you notice your pet has these signs or symptoms you will need to check in with a vet to ensure they are being treated correctly.

Where Do Black Widow Spiders Live: Like many other spiders the black widow wants to find a place to hide that has access to food. They will often hide in a corner or edge of a house or yard. They will build a web and that is where they will catch their food which is often other pests. Your pet can easily come across one of these spiders in their normal course of life. Most dogs and even cats when they see an object move feel some curiosity about it. When they see if they will often try and bat or sniff it. This is the moment that they get the shock of a bite.

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